Christmas Ice Cream Treats (Celebrate Book 1)

Christmas Ice Cream Treats (Celebrate Book 1)

Christmas Ices is a celebration on its own. The 30 unique recipes include a variety of flavors and combinations to choose from. Topping this, the artistic illustrations make the reading a joy and an dreamy inspiration. Please enjoy!

About the author
Karl Melby has made ice cream through many years, flavored with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, rose petals, nuts and a lots more from what the world can offer. His love for ice cream, sharing moments with family and friends, old, young and new, has led him on the journey writing this book to CELBRATE with unique illustrated ice cream recipes.
Do you like ice cream, you´d love his books.

About the illustrator
Tsvetoslava Kunova is an artist with interests in every kind of art. She mainly spends time as a graphic designer, but her greatest love is creating illustrations. She enjoys the sparkling moments when her drawings bring smile to young and adult.

I bought this book after reading his new book, Christmas Ice Cream Treats. I liked both books, but this one focuses on CHOCOLATE!!!! My favorite food!!!

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