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About Me

I was born in Hong Kong of Norwegian parents. My family moved a couple of years later to Italy, where we stayed for some additional years. Here the family´s interest for fresh ice cream was established. Italian food culture number one is ice cream (gelato), actually before pizza, as many would think as the number one. The love for Italian food and delicious ice cream has been with the family ever since.

I have my university degree within Media & Communications, Economics, Business & Administration. In addition I have studied subjects as philosophy, music and language. In his profession I have worked within the oil industry, humanitarian aid and accounting.

The combination of an interest for numbers, finding a common playground with my children, and the love for ice cream led me on a journey creating this unique consept that illustrates the many possible ways to make ice cream. This concept will help you find your own favorite quality ice cream.

All the best, Karl.