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A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream (e-Book)

A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream

A special series going deep and wide into the different ice cream flavors – discover the easy way to make the very best homemade ice cream and how professionals make theirs.

What My Readers Are Saying

I never thought I would get so into ice cream. I’m looking forward to Karl’s next flavor.

Randall Thompson

I did not think I could become a bigger fan of vanilla ice cream than I was before. I was wrong.

Jim Molinelli

Aside from providing excellent Vanilla ice cream recipes, the author also added the different recipes in producing your own Vanilla Paste, Vanilla Extract, etc. The author is generous in sharing what he knows about Vanilla and in making Vanilla Ice Cream.

Johnny Wang

A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream

The best of two worlds in the same package. 


(with Infographics)


(with Photos)

Do you want delicious ice cream without leaving your house?

Discover the simple secrets of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Are you worried that your recipes don’t measure up to store-bought desserts? Do you feel like you’re too pressed for time or talent to create everyone’s favorite summer treat? Karl Melby’s lifelong love of fresh ice cream began when his family moved to Italy. Now with a family of his own, Melby has spent over a decade perfecting his cold creation, and he’s ready to share all his trade secrets with you.

A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream is your guidebook for preparing premium vanilla desserts in your own kitchen. While many ice cream customers think vanilla is bland, Melby will expand your taste horizons with customizable recipes and ingredient analysis. Through his own culinary experimentation, he’ll show you a million ways to transform the “bland” into bold, remarkable flavors.

In A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream, you’ll discover:

  • How to choose ice cream recipes and the reasoning behind specific flavor pairings
  • Why you should use certain bases, thicknesses, sweeteners, and types of vanilla in your creations
  • How to become more confident in your final product through the use of informative illustrations and descriptions of tastes and textures
  • How to customize your own recipes based on your personal palette
  • How to get your kids involved in the playful summer fun, and much, much more!

This sweet resource is the go-to guide for your new culinary obsession. If you like easy and economical recipes, experimenting with new flavor combinations, and thrilling your friends and family with tasty treats, then you’ll love Karl Melby’s scrumptious book.

Buy A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream today and never go back to store-bought again!

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