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Modern Digital Publishing Industry supported by the Norwegian Government!

I would like to share this exciting news. Though Norway is behind US regarding publishing digital books, things are happening here as well. The Norwegian Culture Council has granted financial support to some parties intending to increase the growth in this modern area of publishing. BoldBooks is one of these companies. 10 authors, me included, are selected to participate in the BoldBooks project Digital Marketing of Books, supported by the Culture Council. There were 59 well-qualified applicants and not so easy to choose, says Kristin Over-Rein CEO of BoldBooks AS.


The purpose of the project is to build a book marketing system at, which will benefit all BoldBooks authors. Visibility in search and social media will be central. BoldBooks has picked out authors who have recently released a book, or will release in 2018, and have shown great motivation to participate. – We have emphasized putting together authors of both sexes with different types of books and who have the expertise to contribute to the group, says Kristin Over-Rein.

What to expect

Throughout the project the participants will gain increased expertise in digital marketing, a larger network, participate in an exciting innovation process, and help develop the new book industry, says Kristin Over-Rein.

I am looking forward serving this upcoming industry.

All the best, Karl.

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